Share, Manage, Analyze and Communicate with your business anytime anywhere.


SMAC Cloud’s Cloud service enables users of all mobile devices to access, search, sync, and share all of their files and folders. And SMAC Cloud’s Android app is providing automatic syncing of your photos, folders and videos from your mobile device to your computer via SMAC Cloud’s Auto Sync feature.

Today, SMAC Cloud is announcing that it has added several new features that enable you to be as productive on your mobile device as you are on your computer, including:

  • Access files stored on the cloud, from your mobile, tablet or even on your Smartwatch.
  • Add any kind of data (documents, templates, photos, videos, etc…).
  • Optionally host your data on your own server if you wish.
  • Adopt corporate identity which fits best with your branding.
  • Send large files easily with links.
  • Easily save new files to your Sync Folder.
  • Quickly search all your files and folders.
  • Listen to your music files & watch videos.
  • Share privately when you want to share with a few select people. Only people who receive the invite will be able to view your files.
  • Offline access – download any file and use it when you have no Internet connection.